Thursday, February 24, 2011


I've been super busy lately with work so I haven't made much progress on the build.

I did however manage to spend 5+ hours this past Monday (Presidents Day) stripping under coating and I'm still only half done.

Super shitty cell phone pic of destruction!

From Z2

I have been softening it up by slathering it with chemical stripper and letting it sit.

It comes off fairly easy after ward but will make a complete mess of you.

I do not recommend doing it this way but I am extremely "winter lazy" and simply cannot bring myself to do any really hard work. I have however been wearing the proper protective gear so I don't acid burn my eyeballs.


  1. Good effort! dirtyS30, literally?! I'm not looking forward to do mine, I hope sandblasting the underside will sort it out.

  2. The good news though is that after almost 40 years there's no rust under here. So at least it did its job!

    I am going to cleanup with my little sand blaster but my under coating I think was too "tar like" to blast.

    If you can, hire somebody who is out of work to help you. Its a pain in the ass to do.