Sunday, July 10, 2011

F*cking Outer Rear Wheel Bearings!

If anyone knows how to remove the outer rear wheel bearings (Green) from the stub axles and can tell me how to do it myself, I will ship you an early Christmahannukwanzikah present.

From Z2

What a pain in my @$$.


  1. All I know about the rear outer bearings is you need to use a press to get them out.

  2. I just pulled my rear stub axles from the 28o z columns. I pried and banged off the outer drum brake housing and then put it onto a press and easily popped out the axles. One of them was actually loose which explains the slight wobble I felt in the steering before tearing her down.

    I'm not removing the outer bearings yet, but thanks, the schematic helped!