Monday, April 4, 2011

Suspension Build (Teaser)

This weekend my buddy Bruce, of Bruce Bruce Professional Welding Incorporated, LLC. stopped by and we hacked through getting all of the measurements together, cutting out the proper sections, and constructed one 100% successful strut tube.

From Z2

Much much more to come as I get the write up together.
This will be a multi part post and will include all of my measurement and assembly detail.

I love this crap.


  1. Looking good! I was sweating this the whole time that I was doing it, cuz if I screwed up the chances of getting my hands on another set of struts in Hawaii are pretty much nil. Haha!

  2. Word. I had my buddy help me and we measured everything like 9 times. There was a bunch of stuff in the instructions that we had to change.

  3. AHHHHH I HATED THE GROUND CONTROL INSTRUCTIONS! So vague and misleading! We ended up doing the exact same thing... deviating and "re-engineering" it. Haha.