Monday, April 18, 2011

Vacation - Pt.1

So as some of you know I have been on vacation all week working on my car to try and get it ready for the summer, which at the time of me writing this is 63 days 6 hours and 28 minutes away.

I have received a bunch of parts, and done a ton of work over the last week, pulling at least 6 10 hour days completely dedicated to my car's completion.

I am going to post all of my progress in chronological order, but since I have a major case of A.D.D. it is going to seem like I am all over the map.

So first things first, my sweet box of parts arrived from Motorsport Auto. (

From Z2

I got new boots for my steering rack since mine were a distant memory.

From Z2

New Three Five "555" ball joints (overnighted) from Japan.

From Z2

The G-Machine tension rod bearing kit. This kit allows the tension rod to pivot instead of flex where it meets the frame. Many Z car owners have had issues with the tension rod breaking under stress. This eliminates that issue and provides more range of motion over the stock rubber TC bushing.

From Z2

And the MSA Bump steer spacers for 15" wheels.

From Z2

I have one completely sectioned and assembled strut housing for my Ground Control coilover kit.
All the parts are measured, cut, and stripped for the rest but i am waiting on my buddy Bruce to help me weld the rest of them up.

From Z2

I don't trust my welding skills with my life yet lol.

Many more updates coming daily.
Stay tuned.

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