Friday, May 6, 2011

Engine Parts

Starting to get all of my rebuild parts in.

Motor mounts, thermostat, connecting rod bearings, crankshaft main bearings...

From Z2

From Z2

Full engine gasket set.

From Z2

The Rock Auto gasket set pretty much comes with everything. I was very surprised with how complete it was. I even got valve stem seals, and those little plastic strips that slide into the crankshaft end cap on the block.

Lots of work to do this weekend. Hopefully I will have time to get started on the rebuild.


  1. I've been really enjoying your blog, it's been giving me a lot of motivation to really get cracking on mine. I have a question I wonder if you will entertain. Where did you find your head gasket? On the Rock Auto site, the only set I see is the conversion gasket set is that it?

    I'll be running an n42 block from a 79zx and a n42 head and carbs from a 77z so a complete set would really set me in the right direction.

    Keep the great work coming!

  2. I bought the fel-pro head gasket: FEL-PRO Part # 21157PT1 PermaTorque®

    and I bought the full engine gasket kit: DNJ/ROCK ENGINE COMPONENTS Part # FGS6008 Full Upper and Lower Set

    this was for my Maxima "M"N47 head on a 75 280z N42 block.

    Hope that helps!

    - A

  3. Thank you sir good luck with ur project!

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