Saturday, October 22, 2011

About that time... - Mounted and balanced

From Z3

Doing all I can to get the front suspension installed tomorrow. Then its time to get fitted!!!


  1. I love them, I wish I could find some nice 15's in the correct offset's and super wide. One day I think I'll just have to lay down some cash for a set of work's and specify my own sizes to fit.

  2. Thats not a bad plan. I got lucky on club4ag and had been looking for a long time. I had to have that old j-wheel style. Something about old wheels from Europe and Japan make me crazy.

  3. think it would be easier to buy some cheap used ones in right diameter and get em widened by a wheel repair shop or so..

    @ alex: What a sexy pic - love those wheels!

  4. @JDM and Welshman
    There's something to be said for both paths.

    I would love a set of new Hayashi Streets since they are still being made.

    Work makes ill wheels. If I was more in love with their designs I could definitely see myself grabbing a set of new custom fit wheels. I forsee myself amassing a stupid collection of wheels once my car gets back on the road.