Monday, October 17, 2011

Hooked up - Suspension install

Big shout out to my buddy Ethan who came up this passed weekend and helped me with my suspension. Helps to have a second brain and a couple extra hands. :)

Rear Driver side Ground Control coil-overs installed.

From Z3

Read Passenger side coil-overs installed.

From Z3

Rear Lower Control Arms installed on adjustable G-Machine aluminum bushings.

From Z3

Keeping it Dirty with the steering rack and crossmember. :)

From Z3

And last but not least we installed the Front LCAs also with the G-Machine adjustable aluminum bushings.

From Z3

Still have to install the front strut towers but should be well on my to that by tonight.

Almost ready to set her down to test ride height and fitment!

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  1. Good work there, bud. Those coilovers look good!