Monday, June 7, 2010

ZCCNE - Clay Nissan Z Car show 6-6-10

Clay Nissan of Norwood, MA was gracious enough to host a Z car show this weekend with the Z Car Club of New England (ZCCNE). They were grilling Burgers and Hot Dogs for all in attendance, and let us try on the new 2010 370z. (not for fat people lol)

Check out the slide show for the pics of the cars that showed up. The weather was said to be 90% chance of thunderstorms but it turned out to be a gorgeous day. Taking that into consideration I think the turn out was really good.

The highlights of the show were definitely the RB25DE and the LT1 swapped S30s. There was also a silver 6000 original mile 240z that was there parked in the garage. Absolutely stunning condition. Best I've ever seen.

For more information about the Z Car Club of New England, check out the ZCCNE forum:

Check the slideshow!


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