Friday, July 16, 2010

AEM "No-Weld" O2 Bung

I'm totally giving this a whirl.

I have issues with other people working on my car, let alone jacking the car up.
This product tested 0 leaks in a 50 PSI pressure test.

Pretty amazing. What's better, is that if it blows for some reason, I can just have a guy weld a bung on in its place since I will have the hole drilled.

Also, I found a post by Mike Kojima, who is very much involved in Nissan racing, engineering, and the illest SpecV on the planet, installing the product over at MotoIQ.

Yeah you know it.

So since I do not yet have a welder and can't wait to learn me up some fly ass welding skills to install my bung, I will instead order this fancy contraption and let you all know if it goes or if it blows.



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