Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ghetto suspension mods haunt me.

As I have recently noticed, my front strut towers have been redrilled.

From Z2

The word from HybridZ is that people actually redrill the holes for the towers as "a quick and dirty way to eliminate unwanted negative camber after lowering your Z car".

From Z2

Supposedly I can just run washers and torque the nuts down and I shouldn't see any ill effects.

I really didn't want to cut the tops out to run camber plates, but I also don't want to be worrying about my struts popping into the extended section of the mounting holes under stress.

What do you guys think I should do? Weld up the holes? Cut the tops out and weld in camber plates? Just leave it? Let me know!


  1. Imho, do it properly. Either weld in camber plates or patch it up. At least don't leave it as is... Great work on the body btw! You don't hesitate much!

  2. What he said...
    You if you want to lower your car a decent amount you will want the camber plates anyway! At least it's a good excuse

  3. Indeed it is a very good excuse. :)
    In fact I have been researching suspension configurations all day because of it.

    Anyone have any experience with the Arizona Z Car coilover conversion?

    I am wondering if its the bomb or overkill... or if it blows Haha.

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  5. look into ground control coilovers, they're MUCH cheaper and seem to do the trick, i'm looking into a set for mine, but with all the work you're doing, definitely don't leave it the way it is.