Friday, March 25, 2011

Blasting, Parts, and Race Gas

I had a very successful blast session at my buddy Pete's house last night.

From Z2

I blasted my front lower control arms, my steering knuckles, TC rods, and pretty much everything else I could find from underneath the car.

They just need a quick washing and they will be ready for paint. I'm going to be using the Rustoleum hammered paint again on all of these parts for the durability, looks, and ease of application. It is definitely a sweet spot for my application.

One thing I didn't realize until last night was that the front LCA bushings on this car had been upgraded to adjustable metal bushings with a urethane sleeve.

From Z

They are still in good shape too. Just need a touch of cleaning up.

Also picked up this awesome box of Energy Suspension goodies!

From Z2


From Z2

lol @ crappy pic.

From Z2

A custom built aluminum Fuel Cell! This cell was run in the Bad Dog Racing 240z Race car! It still has the foam and some race gas in it. ha ha

Best of all it fits in the spare tire well, you just have to cut a hole in the well for the fuel valve at the bottom of the tank.

From Z2

Still not sure whether or not I'm going to run this tank in this version of the build but we'll see how it goes.

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