Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Struts ordered

Ordered a set of Tokico Illumina adjustable strut inserts.

I ordered a pair of Tokico part number BZ3099 which is intended for the rear struts on 1987-89 Toyota "AW11" MR2. I will run these on the front of my Z to allow for full travel in a strut that is approx 2" shorter that OE. And I ordered a pair of part number BZ3015 which is the stock size strut for the front of my 240z, but I will run them in the rear of the car.

With the Ground Control coilover setup I can place the threaded tube so that maximum adjustability and flexibility can be achieved, and since I'm shortening (sectioning) my strut tubes to the exact difference between these shorter struts and the OE, I don't lose any travel when lowering.

Hopefully I can link up with my "pro-welder" buddy Bruce within the next week or two and I will have some epic clandestine metal shop pics for you guys.

**Edit** Just wanted to give photo props to Circuit Soul for the slammed RWB bumper pic I stole. They are a new site that appears to be launching soon and from what I can tell so far I am going to be a fan.

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