Monday, April 8, 2013


Hey Guys, got a massive update here from all the work done over the weekend. Try to keep up! :)

First thing I did was press the old bushings out of my mustache bar. My hydraulic press made short work of this.

Also decided to finish painting the engine. Starting with the oil pan.

While I was letting that dry a bit I located all of the hardware for the rear-end. This is where all of that pain staking bagging and labeling becomes the difference between re-assembling your car, and selling your unfinished project on craigslist. Critical move.

This book on restoring your Z car proved to be an amazing resource too for locating parts and their proper place and use. You would be surprised at how tough it can be to figure out what stuff is.

For example, what on god's green earth is this thing?

I ended up learning that this is a block of metal that bolts to the bottom of the diff mount. WHO KNEW!??!?

Moving on, I ran through all of my remaining Energy Suspension bushings to find the ones that I still have left to replace. One of the most significant steering/handling upgrades is actually this rubber hockey puck in the steering shaft. This is the old one.

See the difference? The rubber one in the car was so flexible I could bend it easily with my fingers. The new urethane one was WAY stiffer.


I wanted to get a nice finish on the valve cover so I removed it and brought it to by clean room (dirtiest room in the house), and painted it on my professional painting surface (pile of tires).

Taking my sweet time yielded some decent results. On or two small runs but I wont tell you where they are. :)

Also painted the rest of the motor silver. Since i have to strip the mating surfaces because I forgot to tape off the motor before I primed it, I decided to just go ahead and finish and clean it up once.

But shes lookin pretty sharp.

My buddy Nelson came over to help me install the differential.

All cued up.

After some wrestling and engineering we managed to get it up and in.

We also installed the mustache bar Energy Suspension bushings and bolted them up to the car with the diff.




Axles in yo.

Thanks Nelson!

Then it was time to visit the original 240z Motor.
I need the starter and tranny off of it because the tranny that came with the L28 is trashed.

Unbolting the trans and the clutch plate.

Unbolted it all and brought it outside for degreasing and a pressure washing.

Not perfect but a Major improvement. The rest of that is baked on and I'm not going to bother removing it.
I let it soak for a half hour so that stuff isn't coming off without a chisel.

Also got all of my fuel system parts together and started mocking them up to make sure everything is going to fit.

Very excited for the next steps! Drive train should be coming together soon!

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