Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Inventory Time

Inventory time!

So I pulled out all of my parts and started going through everything to see what I have that I can reuse and what I need to replace. I have stocked up on a lot of parts lately and will post those later. Those of you who follow me on facebook already know that I went a little crazy. :)

I bought a pressure washer from Harbor freight this past weekend and started washing all the grime off of everything i could find. As you can see I started with the motor. I am going to be tossing a coat of engine paint on this too so feel free to shoot me a color suggestion.

Nice and clean (sorta)!
What else can I clean with this thing?


Much better.

Also pressure washed the oil pan.

Now with all of this new found motivation I decided to also finish building the motor.

Cleaned up the gasket surface with some wax/grease remover.

When installing the oil pan you have to use sealant where the block meets the rear end cap and the front cover.

When installing the oil pan gasket it is easiest to put it on the oil pan and place screws in the holes to hold the gasket in place. The gasket I got was stretchy so it needed to stretch a bit to fit properly.

Flipped the oil pan onto the motor and started screwing the bolts in place in a cross pattern making sure that they are all torqued to the German official torque specification (guttentyte).

Then its time to clean up the pan with a stiff metal brush and some wax/grease remover. Once it dries it will be ready to treat the rust, and paint it with a rust inhibiting high temperature paint. Not going for perfect here, just gotta get this hunk of shit on the road. :)

Bam. Ready to prime with a high temperature engine primer and paint it. Right now I have silver and black engine paint and plan on using one or the other (or both) for the whole engine.

I was thinking it would look great in all silver. But then I was thinking all black.........

What do you guys think?


  1. I would definitly go for the original blue color for the engine block. one of the famous z-shops are selling the righ color pre-mixed :)