Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tank, Pedal Box, Fuel Pump, and Hydraulics

Finally getting around to posting my progress.

I took the time to refinish my gas tank straps. Basically just wire brushing the hell out of them and using a direct to metal Rustoleum paint called "Hammered" it leaves a very durable coat and a textured finish as you can see below. Most of my suspension components are painted with this.

the rubber insulators were shot so i had to create new ones. to buy them retail at Black Dragon or MSA was about $30. Garage door weather stripping is about $7.

this particular weather stripping had some nice ribs running down the center to add that extra level of insulation between the two metals. Perfect fit.

I used the amazing goop to adhere the strips to the straps.


Then I mocked up the tank and had Emily take a pic to see where the fuel lines were going to be so i could get the proper length hose and all the correct fittings.

Tank installed.

A good friend told me that I should install all of the hydraulics before the motor. So refinishing and replacing all of that is my next step. These hardlines and junctions are all still good so I am going to refinish and reuse them.

I bought a new brake booster too from RockAuto. It came unpainted so I gave it a few coats of that hammered DTM paint I have been using everywhere.

This needs a little refinishing also. Wirebrush time.

Primary junction post wirebrush.
I hit the hardlines with a coat of paint too right after I took this pic.

My stock hardware had rubber gaskets in between them and the firewall. I had no interest in using the OEM pieces for this so I picked up some rubber repair sheets at Home Depot and made my own gaskets for everything. These were 6"x6" rubber sheets and came in a pack of three.

Since I was installing the brake booster, I had to install the pedal box because they all bolt up together. I also had to hook up the pedals to the actuating shafts for the booster and the clutch master.

The clutch master got a little gasket action also. Installed w/o lines.

Little paint goes a long way. I made sure not to get any paint inside the junctions.

Installed with hardlines and refinished. Not too shabby. Still have to run the front lines. (This is done but I don't have a pic yet.)

Also took this awesome pic of my fuel pump installed. i think i am going to reconfigure it so it doesn't hang so low. I made a thick rubber pad in between the pump hanger and the frame so hopefully that will help insulate the noise from this pump. I got the Carter P4070 which is low pressure (4-6 psi) and high volume (72gph free flow).

All brake lines are run now to all corners. I have to get a better pic of how the engine bay looks with the hardlines all properly run. I also took some time to wash the car so its not so dusty from the paint shop.

More pics to come soon.


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