Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shoddy Blinkers

So after driving my car around for a couple of weekends the directional signals in my 240z had stopped working properly. It seemed like it would blink whenever it damn well felt like it.

I would hit the blinker switch, and no matter what direction I turned it in it would wait as long as it wants and then blink once or twice, then nothing... maybe.

This past Saturday when i brought my car up to the ZCCNE Charity Tech inspection at A&C Imports in Bedford, New Hampshire, John (The President of the ZCCNE) took a look.
He seem quite confidant that it would be an easy fix, which was great because I was sure it was a major electrical problem. Of course I start analyzing my electrical system first and using common sense last.

After my inspection, John came out to my car with a giant bag of relays, pulled out my blinker relay and swapped in a new one and PRESTO, she worked like new. It turns out that my turn signal relay was full of water! God knows how, but this was definitely the culprit.

From ZCCNE Charity Inspection

After a quick look at the windshield seal area of my car it became clear that the seals were on their last legs... Add it to the list baby!

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