Monday, June 13, 2011

Lobsters, Tires, and Wheel hardware

Just got back from a long birthday weekend on the Maine Seacoast.
Such an awesome place. Full of Lobsters and other Lobster related things.

From Z2

Finally got my tires in but I had to settle for a size lower than I wanted.
BF Goodrich G-Force Sport 215/50/15.

From Z2

They look fine.
There was no getting the 225s even direct from the MFR.

Also looking to replace or refurbish my SSR wheel hardware.

From Z2

I have a local SSR dealer, Pro-Spec Autosport ( trying to locate a set for me. In case they are unable to locate them I will be trying to clean these up just as a backup plan.

From Z2

It would be cool to be able to use the original stuff.

From Z2

Anyone know of a good place to find 40 SSR nuts and bolts?
And whether or not I can replace these nuts and bolts with a mounted and balanced tire?


  1. I don't think you should take apart the wheels, even one bolt at a time with the tires mounted. The proper way to assemble wheels uses a cross torque pattern and a sealant between rim halves. Here's a thread on MB World about that same topic....

    As far as cleaning up the old hardware, have you bought a small parts tumbler yet? Harbor Frieght has a cheap one that works pretty well for getting corrosion off of the parts a final sanding and clear coat...good to go.

  2. Wow thanks Brad!
    Very much appreciated.

    I'll go check out the tumbler this weekend.

  3. Tires with high unbalance forces are downgraded or rejected. When tires are fitted to wheels at the point of sale, they are measured again, and correction weights are applied to counteract the combined effect of the tire and wheel unbalance. After the tire sale, the driver takes the responsibility to determine the unbalance or imbalance due to the operation of the vehicle.Wheels And Tires

  4. Brad you may not be aware that these older ssr wheels are actually welded from the factory. You can clearly see in the picture what I'm talking about. They are a 3 piece design for the sake of being made to order from the factory, however once the center, lip, and barrel were bolted together they were fully welded. With this said, you can actually remove all the bolts and it won't effect the wheels.