Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some people just can't paint - So I moved on...

I am one of those people.

After repeated attempts to spray a decent clear coat, I have come to the realization that I need to skip it and move on.

I have the entire car sanded and ready for a final clear by a professional.
This paint job has seriously taken a bite out of my summer and I had to take a break from the car because of it.

But moving forward........

I picked up a set of 50mmx13mm extended studs from Touge Factory.

From Z2

I like their style. They make a lot of their own parts and they are from Chicago.

Also, I have started refurbishing my wheel hardware.

From Z2

As Cassio pointed out via comment on my last post, the wheels are three piece, but were welded together by the factory.

From Z2

This means I can take all of the hardware out with little worry.

From Z2

This will also allow me to polish up the wheel.

Following Brad's advice, I picked up a 5lb tumbler from Harbor freight. If you toss your rusty nuts in here with the proper abrasive, technically you should be able to remove the rust and get them looking good again.

From Z2

Time will tell on that one.

I also was able to mount my fuel lines this past weekend.

From Z2

From Z2

With the help of my lovely girlfriend, I was able to get the feed and return lines mounted up along either side of the transmission tunnel.

From Z2


From Z2

As you can see I also found a couple of spots that need a little wire wheel action and some Zero Rust. :)

Thanks to Brad and Cassio for the help!
I am back in go mode on this build, so thanks to everyone for the motivating comments on facebook and the blog.

Means a lot.


  1. what type of fuel line is that and where'd you get it?

  2. it's always excellent to have someone that is a few steps ahead of me :)

    that is some excellent routing of the fuel lines, i too have the same questions as the individual above with the addition of asking where you got the little clip mounts for the line.

  3. I got 25'ft of 1/2" id aluminum fuel line and the clips from Summit racing. Probably $30 for the set.

    The clips are just rubber insulated steel clips that appear to have a zinc coating to assist with corrosion prevention.

    To mount them I bought stainless steel machine screws with nylon insert stop nuts so they will never come loose.

    Good luck guys!

  4. You got this guy. Time to go HAM.

  5. Looks good, that should get you all the fuel you need. You think you will run into any issues with same size feed and return line? I guess it all depends on your regulator and fuel set up.

    Looking forward to seeing how well that tumbler worked. Cause I plan on reusing my suspension bolts but would be nice to clean them up.

  6. Yeah as long as the fuel pump can handle the volume and the regulator is installed after the carbs it will be just fine. The size of the return line will not have an affect on the positive fuel system.

    As for the tumbler, I dont know if it was the media I was using pr what they ut it did not get my bolts clean. Ill post a pic of before and after. Not good.

  7. I still have some reading up to do for my fuel set up cause ideally I wanted to run a set up with no return. But it seems it'll be more trouble than its worth.

  8. Hi Alex, can you tell me which of these wheel studs you exactly bought? not sure about the sizes:
    You bought the same for front and rear? Im thinking of buying these too, think it's a good idea to repleca them with extended ones now i will need to remove them anyway (for sandblasting and powder-coating the parts surrounding the studs..)
    Btw - they're just hammered in - right?
    THanks for your help once again, and im pretty sure this isn't the last time i'll ask you something *lol*
    Have a nice day - Nils