Sunday, August 22, 2010

New stuff!

Met a fellow ZCCNE member yesterday and picked up a 1975 280z fuel tank. Halfway through 1976 Datsun made the switch to a half sized spare in the rear hatch, so anything newer and I would have had to cut out the tire well.

From Z

This tank will work with my current carb setup, and with the L28ET that I have finally decided to swap in later this year.

I have read that the 75 tank also has the bonus of a little more fuel capacity and better baffling than that of the 73 240z tank.

From Z

A quick benchpress test fit confirmed that she would bolt up with no issues.

John from ZCCNE knows a good tank guy, so this will be in his hands for a cleaning and sealing soon enough.

I have been dying to start collecting parts for the swap.

From Z

So it begins.

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