Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rocky Auto Paddle Shift 240ZG???

Rocky Auto continues to amaze me.
Check out this RB25DET swapped G-Nose S30 with Paddle shifters!!

The always seem to execute each vehicle with the most flawless style. Each one has its own vibe, and you can literally see the passion that they put into these Fairladys.

The RB25DET powerplant.

And the RHD Paddle shifter conversion.

I bet this thing would be fun as HELL to drive!

Kudos to Rocky Auto for their immaculate style with blending the old and the new.
Always a pleasure to see what they are cooking up.

Here is the link to buy this car too if you are baller and want to import some epic JDM street magic.

RB25DET 240ZG w/Paddle shifters


  1. That engine cover and wheel make me want to barf. Other than that...Awesome!

  2. Lol. I do personally prefer the RB25 to be coverless. But I dig the gold RBs they've been building.