Monday, October 18, 2010

Things to come.

Drove out to Ashby, MA to look at a motor that a friend of a friends, father's father had in in his garage.

This place was WAAAAAY out in the sticks. I had no idea there were still areas like that in Massachusetts. Felt like I was back home in Vermont.

Anyway, I wish I took pictures of the place. The whole trip was surreal.
If all goes well, you should be seeing that motor soon enough.

While out in the area, I couldn't help but swing by my favorite place in the world...

Harbor freight.

From Z

Jacked my self up on my new favorite Energy drink on the planet, Monster Import.
Only for the true energy drink connesuir.

From Z

Picked up a 1-ton engine hoist for $100. This is the best deal you will ever find. got the coupon out of the last issue of Super Street. Check it out.

It was a major pain in the ass putting this thing together.

From Z

That "CAUTION:" card literally says, "Be careful not follow the instructions, but instead, do it like this."

From Z

I actually had to have my girlfriend help me put this thing together lol!
I should be ashamed of myself. :(

Thanks hun!

From Z

BAM! Ready for action.

From Z

We have a date!

From Z

I have been dying to pull the motor out of this thing. The engine bay needs major love and the mounts for that and the tranny are all but completely disintegrated.

Much more fun stuff to come.

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